Welcome to my website. I am Ibrahim Mohamed

Tech and Marketing have always interested me from a very young age. I like to understand how everything around me works and functions.

I speak English and Arabic. Arabic is my native language.

I don’t like to confine myself within a label like programmer or a writer or a salesman or a marketer.

A lot of these fields are connected.

That is why I study psychology to understand my target audience’s needs better and adequately communicate my message to them.

Some days I’m studying programming and JavaScript so that I can add scripts to Google ads accounts.

Some days I’m doing backend stuff so that I can debug WordPress errors.

Some days I study keyword research to use it for SEO and PPC alike.

I wouldn’t say I like to confine myself within a label.

I only identify as a Muslim and as ibrascript.

Check out my resume on: http://ibrascript.com/resume/

Don’t forget to follow me on Twitter: @ibrascript