Principle Over Incentive. Ethics Over Money: How I went from being the richest man in Babylon (Sudan) to Broke Overnight

Is it wrong to give people what they want by helping remove their defenses

Bill Schlackman


1.) Introduction

2.) Strategy / Method

3.) Nobility in Poverty

4.) Reverse Engineering, Tech, and R&D

5.) Does it Even Work?

6.) Conscience

7.) Solo Travel Arrangements

7.) In Closing

1.) Introduction

I mentioned in a previous tweet that I found a way to generate a lot of revenue in a short period of time.

Why am I not going all out with this method?

I’m not too fond of it.

2.) Strategy / Method

It is an aggressive form of email marketing (B2C) in the automotive niche.

Now, the end-user gets the product. They can issue a refund anytime they want. It is 100% legal, and many people I asked told me that it’s just business and there is nothing wrong with this method.

The product is helpful for the end-user, but the “demand” and sense of “urgency” are created deceitfully.

There is a fine line between being a good marketer or a self-involved grifter.

3.) Nobility in Poverty

Contrary to the Wolf of Wall Street, sometimes there is nobility in poverty.

4.) Reverse Engineering, Tech, and R&D 

I reversed engineered this traffic source, and scaling this venture to 7 figures in profit, not revenue (in a year or most likely less than that with automation and outsourcing ) is in the realm of possibility.

See, I performed a tremendous amount of research on this traffic source. I reversed engineered it using different methodologies (Bypassing Captcha with Image Recognition (tesseract.js), Finding vulnerabilities in the Email Relay System of the website and app, Data Scraping, ESPs limitations (Tested 10+ ESPs and built a couple of SMTP Servers), etc.). I made some revenue???? from it—more than what I’d make by working ten years in a day job here in Sudan.

Also, I built a couple of SMTP servers. The deliverability rate was abysmal compared to free accounts from major email service providers (GMail, Yahoo, Outlook) because the sender IP was fresh, among other factors.

It wasn’t really “mass email” because I was scraping a very targeted demographic in that niche. The conversion rate was insane as well. I’m talking almost %20+ conversion rate.

Also, I want to emphasize the importance of continuous research and tracking. I wasn’t tracking my marketing campaigns. I made four figures (x,xxx). After I started tracking my campaigns, I found out that I could’ve made five figures (xx, xxx) from the same volume that I sent with just a minor adjustment.

Live and learn, I guess.

5.) Does it Even Work

I did this method for a short amount of time to finance my trip across the country, among other things.

When I was sending 2000+ emails per day, I was making $90 – $121 per day. When I started researching and tracking while sending fewer emails (200- 500), I was making $50 – $92 per day.

This is how vital tracking your marketing efforts are.

Payment Proof:

6.) Conscience

I still remember my first three figures day ($xxx/day). I was “happy” for about 5 minutes or something before getting overcome by a strong sense of misery.

As much as I wanted to justify my actions, my subconscious was trying to tell me (through depression and anxiety) that something was wrong with this method.

And even though my finances were handled (assets > liabilities), I still didn’t feel any sense of financial security and was always looking to make more.

Now I have less than $100 to my name, and honestly, I’m feeling much better than when I was “financially secure.”

7.) Solo Travel Arrangements

I had certain countries that I wanted to visit, but considering my current situation, I’ll postpone my travel arrangements because being broke and happy is better than being rich and miserable. I’m not trying to portray money in a bad light, but there are honorable ways to make it, and there are terrible ways to make it as well.

My Travelling List Includes:

  • Marrakesh (Morroco)
  • Ras al Khaimah (United Arab Emirates)
  • Lisbon (Portugal)
  • Switzerland
  • Chaing Mai (Thailand)
  • Banglore (India)
  • Mumbai (India)
  • Jakarta (Indonesia)
  • Laos (Nigeria)
  • Silicon Valley (The United States of America)
  • Las Vegas (The United States of America)
  • Jordan
  • Beirut (Lebanon)

All are postponed for now until I find a new revenue generation avenue (Might even get a tedious 9-5 job or freelance)

8.) In Closing

If you decide to pursue wealth in life, you’ll find excellent and honorable ways to make it, wrong ways to make it, and things that fall on a grey area.

Would you please learn from my experience and focus on legitimate business models? You’ll thank me later.

Thank you for reading my post.

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Until Next Time, Cheers.

9.) Credits

1 – Featured Image is from Atlas Shrugged Movie Series.

2- The Second Image is from by CCarter.