My 9,320.29% ROI Google Ads Campaign

So I was reading and consuming a lot of content about google ads (including Isaac Rudansky’s course, which i completed). I’m talking 10+ hours per day.

I was eager to apply what I learned, so I offered my Google Ads service for a meager price. I got a client from Reddit (a SaaS Company) and set up the ads for him.

Tons of work:

  • Keyword Research
  • Copywriting
  • Coming up with ad extensions (site links, callouts, structured snippets)
  • And monitoring and optimization

I initially started with the Manual CPC bid strategy. Once the account accrued enough data, I switched to the tCPA bid strategy (With the amount of data that google has, and their advanced machine learning, it’s better to let them take over at some point, they optimize at a level that no human can, but beware as automated bidding is a double-edged sword, don’t apply it if you don’t know what you’re doing. It can end in a catastrophe) I believe what made the difference was targeting long-tail keywords. How did I come up with those, you might ask? I went to spyfu, found the 3 top competitors, used their ad copy for inspiration, scraped their PPC keywords, then imported these keywords to the keyword planner.

I sifted through 2000 keywords manually one by one and googled some of them if necessary to see if it is a good fit for the ads.

According to him, 80% of free subscribers end up purchasing the premium plan ($9). So out of $281 ad spend, they are expected to make in the short term $734.4. That’s a 161.21% ROI for the first month. The life time value of a paid user is $260, that puts that overall ROI at 9320.29%

Anyway, it’s just something that I’m incredibly proud of, and it gave me confidence in my skills.