Online vs Offline Education. Which One Is Better?

For those who think that they wasted their time in educational institutions, I’d like to tell you that It’s not one or the other. Both online and offline learning avenues (universities and academic institutions) have pros and cons.

Many countries require a college certification to grant you a work visa, hiring ex-pats is already challenging for companies, take college certification outside the equation, and the task becomes Herculean.

There is evidence that almost 85% of people who start online courses never complete them [1]. The overabundance of information is a double-edged sword.

It makes one more likely to experience information overload. Also, learning online is often a solitary activity, and self-motivation is an issue.

Universities provide curriculum, exams, community, and deadlines, and the rate of completion is way higher than online courses.

So, if you are starting from the third world, and your opportunities are limited. Getting a college certification may be a reasonable choice.


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