I am Not Human: How to Automatically Solve Captchas

What is Captcha?

Captcha is the main challenge of any website. To achieve a secure website, visitors to the site have to submit information such as “I am human” or “I am not human.” In addition, captcha sometimes has to be correctly solved before accessing a website (e.g., Cloudflare), but they can be annoying for real users. Today I’m going to introduce you to various ways to solve captchas automatically.

How To Automatically Solve Captchas:

They are two main ways you can automatically solve captchas:

  • Using a browser plugin (some are free, some are paid)
  • Using a captcha-solving service (paid)

Automatically Solving Captchas Using a Plugin:

There are two good plugins for solving captchas automatically:

  • For google’s Recaptcha, there is buster. It is a free plugin and easy to use. To start using it, click here and install it on your browser.
  • For hCaptcha, there is hCaptcha Solver. It is free as well and easy to use. To start using it, click here and install it on your browser.

Why Would I Need To Use a Captcha Solving Service:

A simple and effective way to save time is using a captcha-solving service such as 2captcha. Captchas are a common problem in many websites and services, they are used to prevent fraudulent users, but they can annoy and waste the time of real users, hence why using a captcha solving service or plugin can be helpful.

Automatically Solving Captchas Using a Captcha Solving Service:

There are many captcha-solving services, I’ve used many, and I recommend 2captcha because of their pricing, easy integration with bots, and their browser plugin.

What is 2captcha?

2captcha is a captcha solving service that solves captcha automatically, they have human workers who solve the captcha in very little time, and their accuracy is relatively high.

They charge anywhere between $0.5 and $2.99 per solving 1000 captchas based on the captcha type. Google’s ReCaptcha and hCaptcha are the most expensive.

They have an easy-to-use browser plugin. You can find a download link and instructions in your dashboard once you sign up.

They can also be integrated with bots. It has an API and SDK that can be integrated with bots. You can find further details on the official website: https://2captcha.com/2captcha-api.


Captchas can be an annoyance for many people, and for web scraping and automation purposes, a captcha solver is a must, they are also many other ways to solve captchas like using npm packages for JavaScript bots and many captcha solvers in Github for other languages. I might cover those in another article or update this article later with them.

Thank you for reading.