Youtube SEO: A Story From My Teenage Years


1.) Introduction
2.) Implementation
3.) Back To Highschool
4.) In Closing

1.) Introduction

Today I’m going to tell you guys about my story with Youtube search engine optimization and PPI (Pay Per Install – Promoting a software and getting paid each time a user downloads it through your link)

There was a Youtube technique that was so popular and very effective back then (Circa 2015). The method I was talking about is to upload your video as ‘unlisted,’ then send 301 views to it (through software that auto-refreshes the video page), then set it to public.
By doing this, the video ranks in the first three results for the targeted keyword(s).

2.) Implementation

I took a youtube video talking about the software I was promoting and reuploaded it to a new channel that I made.
If I was targeting ‘XYZ,’ then I upload the video with the title “Get XYZ” then mention ‘XYZ’ multiple times in the description and video tags (Basic On-Page SEO).

I went ahead and did it. Reuploaded an existing video as unlisted, sent views to it, set it to public.

Then I searched on Youtube for my targeted keyword, and within less than an hour, my video was ranking #1. Saying that I was happy would be an understatement.
After a couple of hours, I started getting installs.
I wanted to scale this method with automation.
So I started looking for software that automates parts of the process or all of it.

There was a software that’s called Mass Video Blaster. Its developers were aware of the method, so they integrated it into their software.

So basically, I needed:

  • Multiple Youtube Accounts. (It wasn’t an issue because I had a method to create them en masse for free)
  • $97 For a license of the automation software.
  • $30 For a VPS. (Virtual Private Server)

I’ve performed calculations and tests that have shown that it is possible to make way more than the average salary where I live from this venture alone.

And gain some capital to build more sustainable assets like amazon niche sites (Amazon affiliate commissions were good back then).

3.) Back To Highschool

I was unable to convince my parents that it is possible to generate revenue online, so when school started (the events of this story happened during the holidays), they had to confiscate my electronic devices to focus on the senior year of high school.
After finishing high school, I planned to perform the method manually, then acquire the automation software and the VPS.

After I finished the last year of high school, I was able to get access to the internet again, but at that point, youtube updated its algorithm, and the method was no longer working.

4.) In Closing

Youtube is still the internet’s second-largest search engine, and even in google search results, youtube videos rank faster because of youtube’s domain authority (Read up on Barnacle SEO).
With 2 billion youtube visitors per month, youtube is still a valuable marketing avenue for almost all sorts of online businesses.