Jordan Peterson is a Fraud.

I really liked Jordan Peterson. His message of facing adversity, holding oneself accountable no matter the circumstance has inspired me in a really dark period in my life.

It turns out that he was using heavy doses of benzodiazepines, no judgment, it was doctor prescribed, and there is nothing wrong with seeking treatment. 

There are a lot of miseries that one can go through in this life. Saying that benzodiazepine withdrawal is excruciating would be an understatement. Mr. Peterson didn’t want to go through with a standard withdrawal protocol, one that is known to be extremely hard.

He wanted to go into a medically induced coma to avoid that. No medical practitioner in the US would approve of that procedure, so he fled to Russia to get it done. That doesn’t really look like “facing adversity” to me.

This is a huge discrepancy between his words and his actions. Anyway, the procedure didn’t go well, and he had further complications that could’ve been avoided if he had just followed the standard withdrawal protocol.

It’s really sad to see someone that one used to hold in such high regard turn out that way.

Copyright Notice: The featured image is from John Sonmez’s video regarding this matter