A Tribute To Anas Mohamed Alibied (Al Joker – Cybersecurity Engineer)

Anas Mohamed Alibied (Al Joker), one of the brightest cyber security minds in the history of this country (Sudan), worked for the National Intelligence Agency, and he has a proven track record.

I was saddened by the fact that he passed away on 19 September 2021.

One might think a natural death cause or illness, but he died while engaging a terrorist group in Jabra, Khartoum due to gunshot wounds.

Can you see how much of a logistical error that is?

How does someone like that go out in the field?

Sure he wields a firearm, but did he receive sufficient training in combat?

His training is only applicable in case of a site (or a black-site) invasion and ONLY until a workmate comes along.

How is it even public knowledge that he works for any sort of intelligence agency?

He should be running a mobile phone store or an internet Café in Al Souq Al Arabi as an #OPSEC measure.

With that said, can we really blame anyone of our bright youth for leaving their homeland when even their safety cannot be guaranteed while serving it?